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Welcome to Locksmith Soho and Security.  We are your 24 hour car, home and commercial Locksmith store on wheels. Our Soho Locksmith company is dedicated to providing New York City and Manhattan locksmith service in Soho New York, at your home, business or car and all of our technicians are licensed in New York City. At emergency Locksmith Soho and Security we try and enable our customers to make good affordable decisions about locks and security products for their homes and or business. Our goal is to provide a solution that makes sense by offering you quality locksmith products for standard and high security that pertains to your specific situation or emergency locksmith 24 hours situation. We give free information and advice on security to everyone and can arrive at any location in Soho NYC. . We are a licensed locksmith company in Manhattan.

Our Soho Locksmith and Security Services

Our company is supervised by a master locksmith who’s experience go’s well beyond simple locks and doors. Security experts at our Locksmith service in Soho New York have serviced standard and electronic locks and access control systems for commercial and residential buildings and homes.

Are you in need of a gate locksmith for your store or home?  We supply and install many types of gates, ranging from FDA approved window gates, commercial Roll down gates and window guards for child safety purposes.  If your gate is not working or needs maintenance our Locksmith service in Soho gate service is the answer. Same day appointments are available for gate installations and repairs.

Locksmith Emergency service calls are handled with personalized attention and care because many requests for our 24 hour emergency locksmith service are sensitive. Emergency’s can be for numerous reasons, such as getting locked out of your home or business to having trouble with a significant other requiring fast lock change service,

We are security experts specializing in these scenarios and can have your locks changed quick and quietly insuring your safety.

24 Hour locksmith service in Manhattan, means that our company is always open. It also means that you can work during the day and have your locks changed at night.

Lock Rekey Locksmith refers to existing lock-sets. We can render the locks that are currently on your door to work with a new set of keys. All prior keys will not work. It will be as if the lock is new. It also applies to homes or businesses that have many locks and doors and the need to have multiple locks work on one key.

Car Key Locksmith service focuses on replacing lost, stolen or broken keys. Auto technicians are also able to open locked car doors, fix ignitions and disable alarms if they are causing an interference with starting your car.

Our NYC, NY licensed Locksmith is dedicated to servicing its customers with reliable service. We warranty all New Locks for 6 months and give discounts when purchasing multiple locks for installations.

  • Lock Change and Installations. We repair old locks and install new locks. Our locksmith service works on all lock types.
  • Cylinders. We supply and install both standard cylinders and high security cylinders for many of the locks that we see in soho nyc
  • Car Keys. We replace lost car keys, stolen car keys, and Broken car keys
  • Car Key Reprogram. We program car keys and forbic Keys to work with most make and model cars and trucks.
  • 24 Hour Locksmith. Soho Locksmith is a 24 Hour locksmith and security specialist. We are on call any time of the day or night.
  • Emergency Locksmith Brooklyn Cobble Hill. We have emergency locksmith service to help you for many situations that require the services of a Emergency Locksmith in New York City.
  • Lockout Service. Manhattan Lockout service for your home or business. We can open any lock if you find your self in a situation where you have lost your keys.
  • Car Lockout. Car Lockout Locksmith service for Soho assists people that find themselves locked out of their car or truck.
  • Electronic Locks. We install electronic locks and can repair existing electronic locks
  • Magnetic Locks. Magnetic Locks also known as Mag Locks are locking units that work off of magnetic force that is driven through an electrical current. Very strong and offer maximum protection against forced or illegal entry
  • Intercom Systems. Professional Intercom service, maintenance, installation and repair by expert installers can fix any problem with your intercom system.
  • Roll Down Gates. Motorized and Non motorized roll down gates are installed and repaired by our licensed gate locksmith service. We are on call to handle all security issues with your gate locks and gates.
  • Window gates. Window gates are installed for your widows so you can be safe. We install FDA window gates and provide expert service.
  • Lock Rekey. Lock rekey services in Soho NY to change your key without replacing your  lock.
  • Panic Bars. Vertical rod panic bars and surface mounted panic bars are installed for out swing doors. They are typically used for commercial properties such as schools and hospitals, but we can make them work on almost any type of door.
  • Fire Exit Locks and Alarms. Fire exits can be a tricky situation when city inspectors are always on the look out for an infraction. Our New York City fire exit locksmith can install and fix all fire exit devices and security products.
  • Deadbolt Locks. We install deadbolt locks by all major lock manufacturers and have many types and styles for you to choose from.
  • Jimmy Proof Locks. Usually a top lock and on a apartment door this lock can offer a great deal of security if used with the proper cylinder. Standard Installations and fresh installation of these locks ar available
  • Combination Locks. Combo Locks also known as Shabbos Locks ar a great way to lock your door and not have to use keys. these locks work with a push button system that allows you to unlock and lock the lock with out a key.
  • Restricted Keys. We offer a wide selection of restricted keys for both Medeco and Mul T Lock high security Cylinders and locks
  • Mater Key. Our Noho locksmith service can create a custom master key system for your business.
  • Safes. Safe repair performed by a certified safe technician to open and change combinations on safes
  • Access Control. Access control helps maintain order in busy commercial work spaces. It safe guards important documents by only allowing recognized personal to enter of leave the room.
  • Residential Locksmith. Locksmith service for residential properties.
  • Commercial Locksmith. We offer 24 hour service to any business in Need of a Soho and NYC commercial Locksmith

Do not hesitate to call us 24 hours if you are in need of a full service Manhattan Locksmith as many people tend to prolong their need for adequate security. When people hold off on properly securing their possessions they put themselves and their property or family at risk and this is the case for many scenarios. For instance, if you see that your lock is not working properly this can cause you or someone that you love to be locked out of their home. Now this may not be a big deal, but besides costing your self more money as now you have to pay a Locksmith for Emergency Locksmith service, but you risk your well being as you may live in an area that is high in crime, subjecting the person that is locked out to possible safety issues as they wait in the street or a hallway of a place that may be considered unsafe. Call for a East Village Locksmith through our company Always Ready Locksmith and get what you need to protect yourself as our Locksmith and security installers are able to offer locks and security products that will deter unwanted people from trying to gain unlawful access to your property.


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