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Auto Locksmith service is the skill that enables a certified car locksmith to generate brand new car keys for all makes and models of automobiles both foreign and domestic. Our company is the number one Car and truck locksmith emergency service and what we do is give our clients the ability to get a new automobile key or remote if they have an issue with lost or stolen keys.

Car Key generation differs from key duplication because when you need a car key copy of a you give the locksmith  the original key and the automotive locksmith makes you a copy. When a locksmith is originating a key for a automobile with out an original key there are many different scenarios and circumstances that can take place. First you need to have photo identification for your-self and your vehicle usually government issued. Next the locksmith will need to get factory codes which are referred to as key codes. These car Key codes give the locksmith the proper information to know the types of cuts your car or truck key will have so it can communicate with the cars on board computer and start your car. If the key is a high security car key then the locksmith will also need a code to program your key to the cars on board computer. When looking for a Auto locksmith make sure the company is has a good reputation because professional service is required.

Car Key copies also known as Key duplication for a car or truck is simple in most cases. You Bring the locksmith a copy of a key and they make a duplicate. there are different prices for the various car keys and they vary based on the type of key and the automobile that you have. It is important to keep this in mind when using your local locksmith for car key services.

Car Lockout service is what you need when you are lock your car or truck keys in your car. A licensed locksmith technician must be present and they will have computers for keys and special tools that which are required to open your car. It is very important that the locksmith that opens your car has experience as if they don’t, in many cases they can damage your automobile. Most locksmith services will use tools that are called a long reach and air wedge. These tools are used to bring the door out and the long reach is used to hit the button or door handle from the inside. In the early days of locksmiths many locksmiths used a tool called a slim Jim which was slid threw the outer side of the door through the space between the window and the door. This is no longer useful as today’s cars do not give access to the necessary rods that are inside of the door.

We offer 24 Hour Automobile and car key locksmith services daily for your car or trucks safety. We will go to any area in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island at all times of the day and the night. We are a licensed locksmith company that will provide you with the latest equipment and technology to make your experience with our locksmith service as fast and reliable as possible. Call the best because your car deserves it.

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