Residential Locksmith Service

Locksmith Soho is your all in one locksmith company for residential locksmith services that are geared toward security for your home. These type of locksmith services focus on security for private homes as-well as apartments and can give you and your family better protection and piece of mind when you are home or abroad. Our locksmith services are affordable and focused on creating a safe atmosphere for residential properties that are in need of basic locksmith services and advanced security applications.

Our licensed Soho Locksmiths can offer many services that will give you extra safety and prevent you from becoming a victim so you can feel comfortable in your surroundings.

Locks and Installations

  • Locks and installations are the back bone of all locksmith and security work. A lock is the device that is used to secure your door to your frame and they come in many variety’s. Our residential locksmiths have many locks for you to choose from and they range from basic to high security

Door Installation and Repair

  • Doors and frames are what i consider to be the most important factor of security. Without a solid door and frame a lock regardless of its quality will be useless to a forced entry. Forced entry is when a person breaks down a door by kicking or using a crowbar or hatchet and does not enter with a key. Our Locksmith service in Soho has expert door and frame repair service and installation and we will show you what you need to get the maximum amount of protection from your locks.

Window Gates

  • Window gates are important for people that live on the ground floor or next to a fire escape. They are also important if you live near a ledge or another building that is close enough for someone to gain access to your window. We install many types of window gates from accordian style window gates to Fire Department approved gates and many more. We have expert installation and can show you a variety of styles for you to choose from.



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